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Idiot Album Reviews #4 – Morrissey “Viva Hate”

This week on Idiot Album Reviews, I am reviewing the album ‘Viva Hate’ by Morrissey.  My friend gave me this record and I was really excited about it.  Just the name alone ‘Morrissey‘ shouts badass!  All the rockin’ greats have one name; Bono, Skynyrd, Nuge, The Boss!  I knew this was going to rock so hard.


Morrissey about to exact vengeance on a biker gang for stealing his old lady.

Look at that album cover!  Morrissey is so full of hate.  I bet he has like three ex-wives and eight kids who hate him.  I bet he has to hide out in the shadows like that to cover up the black eyes and scrapes he gets from rumbling at the bar.

Just the song titles alone get me going.  “Everyday is Like Sunday”.  Yeah, man, hungover and looking for the next score, kicking whatever broad you picked up last night out of your bed.  “Angel, Angel Down We Go Together”. To Hell, probably!  “Break Up The Family”.  I bet this guy has two loaded balls ready to wreck a house.

Alright, let’s do this.

Oh wow, this Morrissey is slow-playing his hand.  He’s just going to bust out any minute.

Any second now.  Just waiting for the guitars to shred.

‘Bout to really grind on those drums.

Any moment now.


Damn it.


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