Comedy in The Lou

Flab Libs “H2 OHHHH!”


Our body needs water to work properly.

Sadly the only water comics drink is the ice cubes in their cocktails.
If you are thirsty, you are already experience the first stages of dehydration, duh.
Dehydration can lead to headaches, confusion, stress, cramps…
Why does dehydration effect so much. Our bodies are 60% water!
Ever had writers block? Our brains are 70% water.
Had trouble breathing lungs are 90% water. It’s probably the cigarets and
second hand smoke found in most Comedy clubs.
How much water should I drink? The standard is 8 eight ounce glass of water a day.
Drink a glass when you get up and then every two hours you are awake and then before you go to bed.
Hey if I’m 60% water and sugar is stored in our fat cell why haven’t I dissolved?

Flab Libs is a bi-weekly lifestyle column from the wise and empowered mind of comedian and health enthusiast, Shaun Arredondo.

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