Comedy in The Lou

Show of the Week, FEB 8 – 14: Darik Santos

Monday, February 9 at MELT

Darik-SantosDarik Santos
Monday, February 9 at MELT
$7 | 9 p.m.

You may know him from America’s Got Talent. If you don’t yet, you should.


Also Featuring:

Jerry Morgan | This is a link to a video on YouTube. Don’t click here. Click there.

Hoonbag Moonswag | hoooooooooooon ignostic lolz

Julius Whitfield | Standup located mostly in St. Louis who has probably written some of your favorite sketches without you knowing it.

Googolplexia | He lost on jeopardy. Pancake Productions‘ captain and staple of St. Louis oddness, Les Googe is always a treat.

Pizza Boys – They are doing what macaulay culkin wishes he was. a band all about pizza that is worth listening to.

Bios provided by Melt. RSVP to the show on Facebook.


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