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A Literal Miracle Comedy SortaFest!

Hey gang, big news. There was a meteor shower, the planets aligned just right, and we sacrificed our intern on an altar to Dr. Comedy. And then a festival happened! On accident. Within a span of ten days (November 19 to November 29) there are some unique and exciting shows happening in St. Louis, totally by coincidence. However, for marketing purposes, we are referring to it as A Literal Miracle Comedy SortaFest. There are some amazing things happening. For full information, check out the Facebook event.


Via the RFT: STL Up Late’s Hilarious New Video Making Fun of Homophobia in the NFL is Perfect


“On Sunday, Mizzou defensive lineman Michael Sam announced to the NFL and the world that he is gay, meaning that if drafted he will be the first openly homosexual player in the league. If it’s news to you that sexual orientation has no impact on how good or bad a defensive lineman you are, you have some learning to do.

Luckily, STL Up Late producer Josh McNew found a hilarious way to look at Sam’s story that’s as entertaining as it is an introspective look into the false perceptions some have about sexual orientation and athletic ability.”

For the full story and video continue to the Riverfront Times Music Blog.

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