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A Literal Miracle Comedy SortaFest!

Hey gang, big news. There was a meteor shower, the planets aligned just right, and we sacrificed our intern on an altar to Dr. Comedy. And then a festival happened! On accident. Within a span of ten days (November 19 to November 29) there are some unique and exciting shows happening in St. Louis, totally by coincidence. However, for marketing purposes, we are referring to it as A Literal Miracle Comedy SortaFest. There are some amazing things happening. For full information, check out the Facebook event.


Stryker Spurlock Is The Prettiest China Doll In The World; An Interview with Kelsey McClure and Himself

Contraceptive-Comedy-1YRJust over a year ago, Stryker Spurlock decided it was time to have a show of his own. He finagled his way into a sex-positive coffee shop and along with the help of a few fellow comics, conceived quite the showcase. This Saturday, July 19 Contraceptive Comedy at Shameless Grounds celebrates its first year in existence. The show will feature a handful of local comics and the man (well, kind of) himself.

I, Kelsey McClure, asked Stryker a couple of questions about the show, comedy and a couple just for fun. He asked himself some too. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.


Kelsey McClure (Or Maybe Stryker Spurlock): Why did you decide to start your own show? Did you seek out Shameless Grounds as a venue or did you happen upon it? 

The Grove Deli open mic on Saturdays had just died and we were all bummed out, because now there was nowhere to perform on Saturdays. Some of us were going to Shameless Grounds’ Wednesday night mixed open mic. One night this guy Aaron Logan, a pretty cool musician who goes there, suggested we try to start a showcase at Shameless. And we did. It was supposed to turn into a weekly open mic but they have other events on Saturdays and we figured a monthly showcase would be good enough. Also I am lazy and doing this once a month is stressful enough.

How many V-Neck t-shirts do you own?

Ask my sister. She is the one who dresses me. I am a little China Doll. The prettiest China Doll in the world.

Do you consider yourself a standup comedian?

I think I’m technically a liquor salesman. So yes?

 MFK: Princess Leia, Hermione Granger, Joan of Arc

Marry Hermione. She seems like a passionate and fierce woman. Kill Princess Leia. Our horoscopes would be incompatible due to the Star Wars galaxy having completely different constellations. We would never work together. Fuck Joan of Arc. I think she died at like 17, and I’m currently 17, so I could get away with it. But also she’s technically older than me, so there is an exciting taboo involved.

 **NOTE** A day after the interview I received the following text message from Stryker; “Correction to one answer: Joan of Arc died at 19. My answer still stands.”

When was the first time you remember someone laughing at you because you were funny and not just because you made them uncomfortable?

This has yet to happen.

What do you think the chances are you have really been dead for forty years and this is all a purgatory-type hallucinatory nightmare world? 

I am almost certain of it. None of this makes sense when looked at on paper. If I died tonight I’d wake up in my backyard hammock tomorrow morning. No way out. No way out. No way out.

 What is it like living your day-to-day life as, let’s be honest, basically a Michael Cera character? 

Pretty cool! I get to say all these quirky lines and do all these quirky things. Like do comedy in a sex positive coffee shop called Shameless Grounds, this Saturday, July 19 at 8pm! What?! A sex positive coffee shop!? But I’m not an outwardly sexual person! How awkward. How is ‘ol Spurlock gonna deal with this situation? Tune in to find out.

You mentioned you were 17. Do you ever let your ego get to you? Huh, big man? You think you’re so fucking cool because you hang out at bars with adults and artists? Fuck you. Do you wanna fight? 

Kelsey this is making me uncomfortable.


Contraceptive Comedy’s Basically One Year Anniversary Show
8 p.m. at Shameless Grounds | 1901 Withnell, 63108 | Free

Hosted by Stryker Spurlock
Featuring Martin KulashBen Johnson,Andrew MihalevichNatalie Cox and Nathan Orton

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