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Show of the Week, FEB 22 – 28: Paul F. Tompkins

Thursday, February 26 at McKendree College

Paul F. Tompkins
Thursday, February 26 at McKendree College
$10 | 6 p.m.

For those of you who like your humor with a spoonful of education, the Cake Boss and Mr. Show veteran himself, Paul F. Tompkins, is joining a discussion on self-marketing in the digital age at McKendree College in nearby Lebanon, Illinois. And for those of you who will take your humor in the good ‘ol fashion, strictly funny form, he has a standup set slated directly following the panel.

A sharp-dressed man and comedic utility player, Tompkins appears regularly on Scott Auckerman’s, Comedy Bang Bang and Real Time with Bill Maher. You’re not going to see a more well-rounded and purely entrancing performance from any other comedian working today. It’s been far too long since he’s made his way back to town. Granted, he’s just across the river and it’s more than worth the drive — maybe, just maybe, if we show him enough love he’ll come back our direction real soon.

Show of the week courtesy of Riverfront Times.

Show of the Week, FEB 15 – 21: Loser. A Live Action Shame Show

Thursday, February 19 at THE HEAVY ANCHOR

Trivia night? Karaoke? Theater? Why choose when you can have them all in one show? Yeah, one show… This is America, damn it!!!

“Loser.” is a live-action game show from the brains of comedian Jeremy Essig and KDHX’s Chris Ward. Combining elements of Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Pictionary and Nick Arcade, two teams are pitted against each other in a marathon of pop culture excess hi-lighting music, video game, comic book and television. Unlike most trivia nights, it’s not just what you know… but also what you can do.

Interested in signing up as a contestant? e-mail for more information and an application form.

$5 for venue side, free to get in the bar side. RSVP on Facebook.

Show of the Week, FEB 8 – 14: Darik Santos

Monday, February 9 at MELT

Darik-SantosDarik Santos
Monday, February 9 at MELT
$7 | 9 p.m.

You may know him from America’s Got Talent. If you don’t yet, you should.


Also Featuring:

Jerry Morgan | This is a link to a video on YouTube. Don’t click here. Click there.

Hoonbag Moonswag | hoooooooooooon ignostic lolz

Julius Whitfield | Standup located mostly in St. Louis who has probably written some of your favorite sketches without you knowing it.

Googolplexia | He lost on jeopardy. Pancake Productions‘ captain and staple of St. Louis oddness, Les Googe is always a treat.

Pizza Boys – They are doing what macaulay culkin wishes he was. a band all about pizza that is worth listening to.

Bios provided by Melt. RSVP to the show on Facebook.


Show of the Week, FEB 1 – 7: Carly Aquilino

Excerpted from The Riverfront Times Music Blog

Carly Aquilino
February 5 – 7 at The Valley Park Funny Bone
$10 – $18 | Showtime Varies

A woman of the screen and stage, Carly Aquilino has a weekend at The Valley Park Funny Bone all to herself. You may recognize her from MTV’s Girl Code or simply by her bright and wildly colored hair. Offering a perspective and voice purely her own, she’ll tell you to go to hell and leave a smile on your face. Carly’s influences include sass, Dad and a flippant attitude.

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