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REPORT: Cardinals Enter Playoffs; Matheny to Blame

ST. LOUIS – Mike Matheny, the Cardinals Manager, is on the hot seat after returning his team to the playoffs for the third time in his short career. After capturing a second straight National League Division Champs title, fans were stunned when Matheny wasn’t stripped of his managerial duties. “In terms of the success of the team, Matheny is certainly to blame,” responded John Mozeliak after reporters questioned whether an inferior lineup could be at fault for the team’s postseason appearance. The Cardinals ranked 23rd in runs scored and had a pretty abysmal offense. With an underachieving team, the only cause for the Cardinals playoff berth would be the lackluster coaching abilities of Mike Matheny. If the Cardinals are able to upset a superior Dodgers team in the first round of the playoffs, Matheny may be looking for another job during the offseason.

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This Just In! Craig Ferguson at The Pageant Wednesday, November 19

Comedy in the Lou Welcomes Craig Ferguson to The Pageant on Wednesday, November 19 at The Pageant.


Tickets on sale: Friday, October 10 at 10 a.m. CST.

Craig Ferguson is the host of Celebrity Name Game, the new syndicated game show debuting in September. He entered the world of late-night comedy following a diverse and eclectic career that encompasses film, television and stage. Since taking the helm of CBS’s The Late, Late Show on January 3, 2005, the show has set all-time viewer records in the nine years that it has been on the air. It earned him a 2006 Emmy nomination and a 2009 Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting for his interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In April 2014, Craig Ferguson announced that he will depart The Late, Late Show this December. Ferguson can currently be heard on the big screen reprising his Viking character Gobber in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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Let’s Take A Look: Ebola

Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), or Ebola to its friends, is a disease of humans and other primates caused by an ebolavirus Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches.  Typically, vomiting, diarrhea and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver and kidneys.  Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally.   (Source: Wikipedia)

This all sounds bad, but is it?  Let’s take a look!


Ebola: Not So Bad


Your friend Ebola

Looks like a dick

The Debut Episode of Bare Knuckle Comedy’s Podcast

Recorded after the August 9th 2014 Bare Knuckle Comedy live show “The Walk Of Fame!” at Blueberry Hill in Saint Louis, above is the first episode of the Bare Knuckle Comedy Podcast.

Episode One features BKC Co-Producers Christian Lawrence (host) and John Pitts (host), Emily Hickner (cast member, stand up), Justin Luke (cast member, stand up), Andrew Mihalevich (cast member, stand up), Mitch Eagles (improviser, BodySnatchers), Randy Brachman (improviser, BodySnatchers) & Googolplexia (musician).

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