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What Not To Do As a Standup Comedian via

Standup comedy is hard. There’s no other way around it. To put it into perspective, imagine starting an NFL football game, but your only experience with football is from listening to a 30 second beer commercial that vaguely mentions something about a firstdown.

And yet more people are trying it now more than ever. Some for the bucket list, others trying to prove to an ex that they do in fact have a talent and that they’ll regret it dearly for leaving them when they have their own sitcom and 40-room blowjob palace ( I assume that they would be receiving the blowjobs, but hey, I’m not here to judge). Anyway, walking into a room full of strangers who are probably A) not listening B) drunk C) drunk and not listening, can be a harrowing experience and while there isn’t anything that can be defined as hard and fast ‘rules’  (as every club/booker has their own do’s and don’ts), the following article from gives a little insight in how to get started without becoming the most hated person in the room.

“Stand-up comedy’s pretty hot right now…am I right, guys? Ladies? Ladies, can you back me up on this? Yes, folks, it is hot…Hot with a capital H! How hot is it, you ask? Stand-up comedy is so hot, many people are currently attempting to do it, with varying levels of success! Watching the latest Louis C.K. special, reminiscing about how beloved your high school hijinx were (remember when you told Mr. Douglas you didn’t do your homework because you were too busy “doing” his wife? Classic!) and deciding, “Shit, I can be a comedian!” however, does not a comedian make.

As a mediocre comedian myself, I think I know a thing or two about mediocre comedy. This gives me the ability to competently analyze it and inform young dreamers how not to do it.”

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This Just In! John and Kane Recap the RFT’s Standup Throwdown Semi-Finals

The back room of Fitz’s bar was more than packed. Over 150 people came out to the Riverfront Times’ Elite 8 Competition to cheer on the comics as they battled it out for a spot in the Final Four. The first victor of the Standup Throwdown, Erik Anker, sat beside John and Kane of Indio Radio at the Judges Table to help the audience decide who would advance. Thanks to John and Kane and everyone who came out, here’s a recap of just how it all went down.

And congratulations to Brandon Judd, Emily Hickner, Kenny Kinds and Bobby Jaycox for moving on to the Final Round of the Standup Throwdown which will be held on Tuesday April, 1 in Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room.

For more on the Riverfront Times’ Standup Throwdown check out the RFT’s Music Blog.



Via Parody Patrol: First Kiss with a Drunk Chick


Parody Patrol‘s Adam Huber teamed up with members of Comedy in the Lou, Bare Knuckle Comedy and STL Up Late to bring you First Kiss with a Drunk Chick because… of course they had to. Plus nothing brings the St. Louis comedy community like the opportunity to gratuitously make out with each other.

And if you’re wondering, “WTF..?” it’s probably because you missed the original that turns out to be not-so-sweet because Lo and Behold! a clothing company was behind the whole ordeal.

BUT WAIT! There’s More! Check out these other parodies; Saudi Men Kissing | First Sh*t | FIRST HANDJOB | Jimmy Fallon’s “First Lick” | And of course BuzzFeed made A List.

So Stressful!

23 Signs You’ve Been in Grad School Too Long

This is clickbait. I knew you would only click on an article if it was a list, and would only read it if it was mostly images. I stole the headline from another dumb article that I didn’t actually read. I’ve never been to grad school, but that didn’t stop me from finding 23 signs you’ve been in it too long! 

  1. This sign:
  2. This sign:
  3. This sign:
  4. This sign:
  5. This sign:
  6. This sign:
  7. This sign:
  8. This sign:
  9. This sign:
  10. This sign:
  11. This sign:
  12. This sign:
  13. This sign:
  14. This sign:
  15. This sign:
  16. This sign:
  17. This sign:
  18. This sign:
  19. This sign:

  20. This sign:
  21. This sign:
  22. This sign:
  23. This sign:

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