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Comedy vs Everything 15 – Kris Wernowsky

This week’s episode features yet another multi-hyphenate that runs a comedy show in St. Louis. In addition to being a comedian, Kris Wernowsky is a real journalist. By that, I mean he isn’t just some guy with a blog. He works for a newspaper; it’s legit. He also runs a very fun comedy show with a dumb name.

The best podcast guests show up ready to go with stories, topics, and sometimes even questions of their own. Example: Andrew Frank came into his episode wanting to know more about Amy’s years as a member of a weird cult, and it led to a pretty great discussion. Kris really went above and beyond. Not only did he bring one of the craziest stories we’ve ever heard from a guest, he also managed to structure the conversation with a through-line of his family’s bad luck. It really is kind of impressive.

Anyway, Kris’s next show at Foam will feature Mary Mack and take place on February 26th. Apparently that room is Amy’s favorite place to perform and watch comedy in St Louis, and I’m not going to disagree.

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Listen to Kris Wernowsky’s episode of Comedy vs Everything here.


Greg Warren Talks St. Louis Comedy with Kelsey McClure via the Riverfront Times


Photo by Kyle Makrauer

Comedian and former St. Louis native Greg Warren will be at the Westport Funny Bone, performing every day this weekend. It will be his first time back in St. Louis since the release of his most recent album, Running Out of Time. We sat down with Greg and talked about his start in stand-up, why he decided to leave St. Louis and his very specific opinion on the Cheesecake Factory.

Kelsey McClure: Is comedy more of a job for you, or do you still really like going out and doing it?

Greg Warren: I still really go out and I still love it. It’s what I want to do; it was my dream to do it. You know some of the thrill, some of the stuff becomes a little less thrilling after you’ve made… I’ve been on stage 300 nights a week at the minimum, for 21 years. So, it’s, yeah, I mean it’s a little… it’s still what I want to do more than anything.

I mean it would really bum me out if it was taken away from me. If I didn’t have it going on Saturday night, I would be so bummed out. And I think that’s just the thrill, the thrill of coming up with the new joke and having it work. I can create during the day and I can go see if it works at night. You get such immediate feedback with comedy you know?

I do.

…To continue reading check out the entire interview on the Riverfront Times’ Music Blog.


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Comedy vs Everything 14 – Kelsey McClure

Hey friends. This week’s episode of Comedy  vs Everything features hilarious comedian and Comedy in The Lou founder Kelsey McClure. Kelsey has a lot of hats in the air and has her fingers in a lot of pies: she runs a website and a comedy show, she works for 4 Hands Brewery (one of Jeremy’s favorite breweries), she writes articles for Riverfront Times, she takes pictures at concerts, she founded Thursday Night Mic Night, and she probably does more other things I don’t remember. Needless to say, she’s a pretty important member of the St. Louis comedy scene.

More than any other episode, in this one we talked about the comedy scene in St Louis. We discussed what was, what is, what kinds of shows we wish didn’t exist as well as the types we wish we had. We also discussed how all standup comedians can’t help but hate musical comedy.

It was a fun conversation, and you should give it a listen. Also: subscribe on iTunes, like us on Facebook, and follow Jeremy and Kelsey on Twitter (Amy doesn’t do a lot of tweeting).

Listen to the episode here.

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